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Enjoy a Diverse Vacation in Barcelona

vacation in barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

For people who love to travel, deciding on the next vacation destination can be a challenge. Between the many US destinations, beautiful beaches, and diverse cultures across the world, picking just one spot is a tough decision. When it comes to diverse culture, delicious food, and beautiful architecture, Barcelona has it all.

First of all, everyone has to visit La Sagrada Familia. Translated to Church of the Sacred Family, this beautiful church took over 40 years to build between 1882 and 1926. This building is complete with a unique Gothic architecture that towers over the city of Barcelona. Unbelievably, work is still being completed on the church. It has distinctive buttresses and detailed facades that pay homage to a style of architecture long-since passed. Because of the spires, it is easily seen from all points in the city. While admission isn’t free, for only $18 US it is certainly a bargain. The hours vary depending on the season.

Barcelona is also known for its famous Catalan cuisine, which many people know as Tapas. For those unfamiliar, this is a style of dining where multiple small plates are ordered for the diners to share. This is a way for people to sample multiple dishes of local cuisine. While popular among several US restaurants, ultimately people have to try it near its home in Barcelona. Some of the signature dishes include patates braves, xipirons, and truita de patates. Translated, these mean spicy potatoes, fried squid, and an omelette with potatoes. Tapas is also known for its Manchego cheese and Spanish ham.

One of the best parts of the city is that it is very pedestrian friendly. While many parts of the city have cobblestone streets, the once sharp stones have been ground down by centuries of use. This makes the surface more forgiving on the feet. For people who have trouble walking regardless of the surface, the city does offer Segway tours. For a small fee, a guide will take you through some of Barcelona’s highlights, including popular restaurants, famous buildings, and beautiful beaches. There is an age restriction on these tours, but everyone should consider using this opportunity to learn a little something extra about the city.

For people who enjoy seeing multiple cities on a single vacation, Barcelona is one of the biggest cruise destinations in the world. Multiple cruise lines both depart and arrive back into port at Barcelona. Most notably, this is a common starting point for people boarding cruises around the Mediterranean Sea. For tourists who desire to see Barcelona along with cities such as Athens, Rome, and Istanbul, consider looking at a cruise leaving out of Barcelona. Best of all, vacationers will still only have to pack once!

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