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Where to go in Minneapolis, Minnesota

When planning a trip to Minnesota, it is absolutely paramount that you visit the Twin Cities. While there are undoubtedly attractions in most regions in the state (I should know, having been born and raised here), Minneapolis and St. Paul are your best bets as far as getting the best bang for your travel buck. So for this article, we are going to cover the basics for that area – eateries, hotels, museums, shopping, landmarks, you name it!

Where to eat

Now, this is going to depend on your tastes. For me, one of my favorite places to eat whenever I go to Minneapolis is to eat at Masu Sushi in the Mall of America. The restaurant serves Japanese food, including a variety of sushi dishes and yakisoba (my personal favorite; I get it with chicken, and it is delicious~). Or if you are a fan of Mexican food, you can always check out Boca Chica, which offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes including a Mexican buffet on certain days. This is just the places I like, mind you (though I could go on all day about the places I like to be honest), so if you want more in-depth coverage, you can look up reviews for restaurants on Yelp, which can help you find more specific niches of food as well.

Where to gawk

My number one principle of a vacation is that I have something notable to remember. The hotel may be fun, the food may be tasty, and the purchases may be neat, but some nice memories of the culture and history of the area goes so much longer for me. For instance, I went to visit Minneapolis in May to see the May Day Parade, which gave me a display of many a sight and a culture, especially local indigenous American tribes. You can also visit a lot of great artistic oddities all year ’round, such as the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and its famous “Spoonbridge and Cherry” art piece.

Where to shop

The short answer is the Mall of America, mainly because it’s the easiest. In all likelihood, you are going to find something here that meets your shopping needs; heck, you can even eat, stay, AND gawk at the Mall of America! A hotel like Radisson Blue is very convenient especially for people who are traveling by plane, as the mall is only a few miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. There are a lot of basic offerings at the mall – Best Buy, GameStop, various clothing stores, etc. – but also some relatively niche places like Tomodachi. Of course, you do yourself a disservice if the only place you shop at is the mall, as you are missing out on a lot of local businesses. If you are a nerd like I am, you are sure to enjoy Source Comics & Games in St. Paul. As the name implies, they have comics and games, and a lot of them too. You can also get together with people to enjoy some board games!

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