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Top 5 Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

brunch spots in los angeles

Whether you call Los Angeles home or are merely spending your vacation in the City of Angels, few things go with a day spent out in the perfect Southern California weather like a brunch at an amazing restaurant. Fortunately, L.A. is home to some of the best brunch locations in the country, with options ranging from simple taco stands to all-you-can-eat buffets at four-star hotels. To help you on your culinary tour of the city, here are Los Angeles’ Top 5 Brunch Spots.


Located near the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Venice Beach, Gjelina has rapidly gained a reputation for serving high-quality seasonal faire. Although it initially drew crowds for it’s fire-cooked pizzas, brunch dishes like the Egg and Prosciutto Sandwich and Duck Confit-Potato Hash have caused guests to stand in line up and down Abbot Kinney Boulevard for a seat at one of the restaurant’s communal tables. Combined with its signature Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas, Gjelina is well visiting.

Salt’s Cure

There are some days when the morning calls for a protein shake or a gluten-free acaí bowl. Salt’s Cure exists for every other day. Although open until the late evening hours, when Salt’s Cure really shines is during its weekend brunch. Instead of having a myriad of dishes that take up page after page on a menu Salt’s Cure focuses on a few, rotating dishes and aims to make them better than anyone else. Toasts covered in beef tartare, egg yolks and sweet onion puree are standard fare here, as are pieces of bacon that are as thick as a textbook. And, being located near the famous Hollywood Boulevard, it’s in a perfect spot for a long walk to burn off some of that post-brunch guilt.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

A favorite of both college students and those who are simply looking for a good dose of comfort food, Roscoe’s is a legendary restaurant in Los Angeles. And while it may seem unusual to pair fried chicken and waffles together, the crunchy sweetness of the pastry combined with the savory and tender chicken end up making a meal perfect for soaking up the night before. Throw in one of the restaurant’s many ice-cold juice options, and you have a breakfast perfect for any occasion.

Four Seasons Beverly Hills

Both notable and notorious for the celebrities who can be found roaming its halls on any given day (or night), the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills is a high-end oasis in the middle of metropolis. The hotel’s brunch buffet is one for the ages; piled high with an ever changing array of meats, cheeses and pastries, the selection ensures that no one goes home hungry. The sunlit pool is a perfect place to visit after to sleep away the brunch time mimosas.


Sometimes, you need a casual, fun place to grab breakfast and a few drinks with friends. Swingers not only provides both, but at a great price and great execution. Serving classic American diner food with a California flare, it’s not unusual to find Sausage Omelets placed next to Quinoa and Eggs on the menu. A wide selection of drinks such as margaritas, mimosas and seasonal IPAs make this restaurant’s several locations great for a boozy brunch during the summer.

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