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How to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

We all dream of traveling to exotic lands and have amazing stories about our journeys. Everyone wants to live the glamorous life of a world traveler. However, money can be the one necessary evil that will limit that. If you aren’t careful, your money could be eaten up before you can even get to enjoy day two. So what can you do? One suggestions is not to go crazy with your cash while you are on vacation. But what else is there to know? Here are fourteen tips that will help you have a wonderful time overseas and save a go amount of money while doing it.

Be Flexible with Your Plans


Let’s be right here, not everything goes according to plan. Life has a nasty little habit of throwing obstacles in your way. Traveling follows the same rules in this principle. Weather, political change, construction, or etc. can put a damper on travel plans. So, have a back-up plan ahead of time. Look around a different travel groups for ideas. You will save yourself money and headaches with your plans.


Networking, Networking, Networking


Speaking of travel groups, in the twenty-first century, the internet has become the sea of information. You can go on and find the tips you will need to make your trip overseas that much better. Take time as you are making your travel plans to shop around online for the best deals, warnings, and suggests for your vacation.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone Unless it is an Emergency


Some cell phone companies will throw roaming charges at you even if you are not using your phone and just have it on. This is especially true if you are on a cruise or sailing out to sea. As much as we live in a world where we use our cell phones to do everything, it is not worth a huge phone bill when you get back from your vacation. Turn off your cell phone unless you have to use it for a emergency such as a life or death situation. If you really need to, you can use your phone to call home, but that is it.

Follow the Locals


This tips is really helpful when it comes to looking for something to eat or do. Skip the pricey restaurants and tourist traps in a foreign country. Instead, find the nearest local and follow them. They know where all of the good food and activities are in their own country. Plus, you will get a sea of culture as you save money.

Watch Your Budget


Food, souvenirs, vehicles, emergency, and other expensives can add up if you are not careful. Keep track of what you spend and how much you have left over. Start by writing down how much you have to start with and then subtract the price of whatever you purchase on your vacation. By doing this, you will know how much you have and if you can afford anything else that you want overseas.

Watch Your Currency Exchanges


This is a big must-do when you are traveling abroad. Depending on a country’s currency rate, it could be weak or strong. The best way to handle this is to watch the news and keep a close eye on your money.

Bring Your Own Snacks


Food can consume your money. There are your meals, but what if you are hungry while you are out on the tour and the next meal is hours away? Bring snacks from home. Before you head out on that plane, stop by your nearest store and buy a few bags of treats. If you buy snacks ahead of time, you won’t be tempted to buy any on the plane or in a tourist-trap shop in your final destination.

Public Transportation is Your Friend


Why blow your money on a rental car when you can save by catching the bus or the train? You are not only saving money, but you are also doing a huge service to the environment at the same time. On top of that, you get to see more of your destination along the way.

 Go to the Parks and the Museums with a Free or Low-Cost Entrance Fee


What if you want to see nature and take in the culture around you while you are on vacation? Parks and museums are a good place to start. Most museums are free to enter or low-cost. Plus, these places are far more valuable and worth your time than the same old boring tourist traps that want your money.

Don’t Go Crazy with Expensive Wine and Coffees


Sorry, wine and coffee lovers, but this has to be said. In some countries, alcohol and coffee have a nasty little habit out eating money out of travelers’ wallets. It is best to skip them altogether. But if you just have to have your coffee and booze, please go for the cheap brands instead. It might be painful to hear, but it will be well worth it.

Travel Off-Season


It is tempting to go overseas on the big holidays like Christmas or summer vacation. But those are the times that will eat your budget as well. The summertime is when prices are hiked up for those countries to make extra money. Plus, during the travel seasons, the locals do the smart thing and go away to avoid the hassle of tourists. So traveling off-season saves money and lets you enjoy the full culture experience.

Free Entertainment is a Good Thing


You don’t have to blow all of your money in order to be entertained. Take a look around and enjoy the free stuff. You can find it if you take the time and look really hard enough.

Picnics are Fun for Everybody


Again, this is another food tip. Going to the restaurants in a foreign country can be so boring. Instead, change it up a bit by going on a picnic in the park. It saves you money and you also get to enjoy nature and fresh air at the same time.

Always Ask the Locals for Help


This goes back to our “follow the locals” tip. Just find your nearest local and ask them to help you out with directions and how much things cost. Again, they know where all of the cheap and really good stuff are.

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