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Staying Fit While Traveling

staying fit while traveling

Whether you’re taking a road trip to another part of the country or flying overseas, you don’t have to put your workout routine on hold. You might not be able to load up your treadmill and other regular exercise equipment when you go, but there are several other ways that you can stay in shape while you’re traveling.

Get Moving When You Can

When you’re waiting for your plane or driving along the interstates, take advantage of any opportunities you have to walk. Wear comfortable walking shoes, so your feet won’t bother you while you get some exercise. If you’re driving, take a break every couple of hours and walk around for a bit. If you’re flying, walk around the terminal near your gate instead of sitting down. Traveling by rail through Europe? Get up and take a stroll through the cars from time to time to get some exercise.

Exercise Without Equipment

You can hit your daily exercise goal without having to rely on exercise equipment. Pack workout clothes and a sturdy pair of running or walking shoes, and you can go out for a jog, run or walk at least once a day. If it’s rainy or too hot or cold to exercise outdoors at your destination, pull up an aerobics workout video on your smartphone. You can stay active in the comfort of your hotel room instead.

Take Advantage of On-Site Gyms and Pools

Most hotels and other accommodations have on-site gyms available. Some of these are open around the clock, so you can work out whenever it’s most convenient for you, whether that’s first thing in the morning or after a day of sightseeing. Ask the hotel for details on the types of fitness equipment the gym has, so you can plan your workout ahead of time. If you’ll be staying in a place with a pool, you can do some aquatic workouts to stay in shape.

Bring Travel-Friendly Equipment

You can squeeze in your regular workouts while traveling with some clever packing. Bring equipment that can easily fit in your luggage, such as a rolled up yoga mat or a pair of light dumbbells.

Choose Fitness-Friendly Activities

Depending on where you’re headed, plan on doing activities that keep you physically active. This might mean hiking on local trails, going jet skiing or doing another recreational activity that keeps you on your feet. This gives you a chance to stay fit while also enjoying an exciting travel experience.

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