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Tips to Save While Traveling to India

traveling to india


India is a beautiful country with a rich cultural history. Visiting the country provides an opportunity to see some of the amazing history and interesting cultures stemming from the area. Although traveling to India offers a chance to explore, it is not necessary to over-spend during the visit.

Select Plane Tickets Carefully

Never purchase the first tickets available for an international flight. Save money by comparing different rates through several companies. If an airline booking company offers a chance to look for flights around the date you prefer to travel, then use the comparison tool to find the lowest costs.

As a general rule, ticket costs increase during major holidays or on weekends, so consider a mid-week flight to cut back on the initial costs. Depending on your starting destination, you may have one or two stops on a flight to India.

Haggle with the Taxi Drivers

Do not get into a taxi without first finding out their rates and haggling over the cost. A taxi driver in India often increases the rates for foreign visitors. Take time to get a lower rate by haggling with the driver at the airport before getting into the vehicle. Use the same strategy in a rickshaw or auto-rickshaw to limit the costs of transportation.

Take the Train

If you intend to travel to different cities and areas of India, then take the train rather than a flight or renting a vehicle. Train tickets offer a low-cost solution for long-distance traveling and it allows an individual to see a greater portion of the country. It also allows you to learn about different cultures and see the way several individuals manage their lives during your visit.

Learn to Negotiate

Although a mall or a similar shopping location may set specific prices for goods and services, most markets in India do not have the same pricing system. Sellers expect a certain level of negotiation and haggling, so they set higher prices than their target rate. Learn negotiation skills before visiting a market or take a local friend to get a better deal when purchasing souvenirs, clothes or even street foods.

Visiting India is an experience that stays in your memory for a lifetime, but you can enjoy the same rich experiences without over-spending on the trip. Plan in advance, learn to haggle and use caution when selecting your mode of transportation to reduce your expenses and still get the most out of your vacation.

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