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The Best Travel Backpack for Busy Travelers

Whether you are boarding a short domestic hop or setting off on a long-haul international flight, the last thing you want to do is hike through the airport with a heavy bag in tow. You can make things a little easier on yourself by going back to school and strapping a backpack on for size. This simple and lightweight accessory makes it a breeze to pass through security. A backpack can also ensure that you get to your gate with plenty of time to spare. Of the many choices, the following are our top five picks for the best travel backpack in the world.


best travel backpack wenger gigabyte#1 Wenger Gigabyte

Hands down, Wenger manufacturers the best carry-on backpack for international travel. The backpack’s sleek design is light and has room to hold a 15″ laptop and everything that goes with it. The backpack’s dual-padded compartments provide protection you can depend on. The design will guard your laptop, iPad, or cell phone from shocks and scratches. The lockable zipper pulls provide dependable security from theft. When you pick it up, the cable haul handle ensures that the bottom won’t ever drop out of the bag.  The stitching that holds it together is high-tensile thread. It is designed so that you can load the bag up to capacity without ever worrying about it coming apart at the seams.


best-travel-backpack-high-sierra-ballistic#2 High Sierra Ballistic Nylon XBT TSA

This backpack is definitely the best backpack for international air travel. Four divided pockets make it easy to keep everything organized during your trip. The interior has enough room to hold a 17″ laptop, iPad, phone, chargers, and a couple changes of clothes. This backpack is a must-have for the “Rick Steve” tourist who likes to travel light. The ballistic nylon exterior provides plenty of protection against scuffs. The adjustable straps create a tight and comfortable fit that reduces strain on your back. When the meetings are finished and the deals are sealed, you can swap your laptop and electronics out and head for the hills. You can load the bag down with water bottles, snacks, and all the gear you need to go hiking, camping, or fishing before you have to head back home. With 2500 cubic inches of interior space, there is practically no limit to the amount of gear you can carry within this 3.5 lbs bag.


best-travel-backpack-samsonite#3 Samsonite Xenon 2

This checkpoint friendly backpack is slim and designed to fit in and blend in wherever it goes. The weather-resistant neoprene finish makes it a great bag for tropical locations. In fact, it is great for anywhere that you are likely to encounter rain. The two large compartments can hold a 15″ laptop with ease. Plus, the two smaller compartments have room for chargers, phones, passports, etc. At just 3 pounds, it is a lightweight travel companion. It will keep your organized and protect everything from damage throughout your trip. One of the most popular features of the bag is its compact design that fits easily within TSA trays and overhead compartments.


best-travel-backpack-brinch-socko#4 Brinch Socko Multifunctional Backpack

The Brinch makes travel a cinch. At home in the boarding gate or the boardroom, this scratch resistant bag holds a 17″ laptop and everything you will need for your trip. Made of nylon and sewn together with high-strength thread, this is the best business travel backpack for professionals who want to make a strong statement.  The square design and soft padding within the shoulder straps keep weight distributed evenly. They also make it easy to carry the bag over long distances. While it is a big bag, it will fit comfortably inside most overhead compartments.


best-travel-backpack-booq-cobra#5  Booq Cobra Squeeze

For those who like to travel with only the bare essentials, the Booq Cobra Squeeze is the best backpack for air travel. At just 2.6 pounds, it is a lightweight travel accessory that goes the distance. It is manufactured from 47% recycled PET, and 53% cotton. This makes it is an environmentally friendly bag that is waterproof and travels well through any climate. The bag’s futuristic design holds a 15″ inch laptop with room to spare. Finally, the easy to access interior of this best travel backpack makes it an attention-grabbing bag that looks like it is ready to get down to business.

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